Purchasing Pottery and Artwork

Currently we are not shipping ceramic pottery, but please check back with us as we test the best way to get our work to you.

We are shipping small ceramic ornaments, photographs, and original watercolor/pastels artwork and prints.

Please email gallups@goodharborgallery.com for a full pricing list. Not all pottery is created equal, and often commercial functional-ware is low-fire to save money at the expense of long-lasting quality.  All of our hand-made pottery is high-fire stoneware, meaning the clay body is fully vitrified and thus will not retain water or bacteria growth.  It is safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

At this time we are not showing works of others artists in the Gallery. 

Here is a representative list of  items in the Gallery:
  • Pottery
    • Mugs
    • Casseroles and Pie Plates
    • Berry Bowls
    • Soup Bowls with Handles
    • Vases
    • Very large thrown works
  • Decorative Clayware:
    • Ornaments
      • Frogs and Owls
      • Michigan
      • Leelanau
      • Several others
    • Garden Stakes
    • Tiles and Trivets with Frames
  • Photography
    • Matted
    • Framed
  • Original Watercolor and Pastels
    • Original
    •  Limited Prints
  • Jewelry
    • Various Earrings and Bracelets

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  1. This cute family gallery offers a diverse selection of pottery and other fine art, with the majority of the ceramic ware produced by professional artist Victoria Gallup. Other Leelanau and Grand Traverse local artist also shown. Specialties include birch mugs, berry bowls, pitchers, pie plates and casseroles, and other high-fire stoneware.